Jakob Park – solo piano

Jakob Park Trio – Contemporary Jazz Trio w/ Morten Ankarfeldt (b) and Janus Templeton (d)

Jakob Park & Hugo Rasmussen  РJazzduo (Mainstream Jazz/Traditional Jazz)

Love Connection – South Korean Power Jazz

Jakob Park (p), Jacob Dinesen (ts), Birgitte Soojin (voc), Stian Larsen (g), Kim-Erik Pedersen (as), Morten Ankarfeldt (b)

Tango Phantasie – Contemporary Tango & Jazz

Jakob Park – Weekend Lover

Jakob Park (p, voc) Aske Jacoby (g), Emil de Waal (d), Eva Skipper (b), Christina Boelskifte (voc), Dan Hemmer (organ), Mads Hyhne (trombone), Peter Marott (tp) & Anders Gaardmand (ts)

Throughout the years I have had the privilege of working, touring and recording with extraordinary talented musicians, producers and artists. From the grand old man Hugo Rasmussen, a legendary Danish bass-player, to guitarist and producer Aske Jacoby who has been on the international music scene
for a life-time.

Copenhagen is a good place to reside as a jazz musician and some of the finest jazz musicians in the world have lived and breathed in Copenhagen to make sure that the legacy of this fine music was passed on to the next generation. Jazz legends like Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Hank Jones, Bud Powell and Stan Getz have enjoyed to live in Copenhagen and play at the different jazz venues throughout the history of jazz in Denmark. This must be why Danish jazz musicians are highly acclaimed and well renowned in Europe, Asia and in the U.S.

All these great artists that I have been working with has inspired me as a musician, as an artist and as a human being. I am greatful that I have had the possibility of making music with such gifted musicians. Here you will find the different collaborations that I am part of. Either as a sideman, band leader, composer or as a soloist.

Yours truly,

Jakob Park